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  • What methodology do they handle?
    We teach under the Cuban methodology, some of our teachers are graduates of the National School of Cuba.
  • Can I audition for IDAC Incubator even if I'm not from Guadalajara?
    Yes, you can send us your audition via email, in the "Admission process" section you will find all the details so you can send the required material.
  • Can I enter even if the school year has already started?
    At Institute registration is open throughout the school year, you can enter in any month. In Incubator, registrations are every six months (January and August) and are subject to space availability.
  • Can I enter the IDAC Incubator even if I have no experience in classical ballet?
    No, you must have at least 5 years of previous experience in classical ballet. You can access the "Admission process" section to check the requirements. If you do not yet meet the requirements but are within the age range to enter the program, you can train at the Institute until you reach the level required to be admitted to the Incubator.
  • Can I dance even if I am an adult and have no experience?
    Yes, at IDAC age is not a limit, we have the 1st Grade Adult class, which is a beginner level and is ideal for you.
  • Do you accept boys and girls under 3 years old?
    No, the minimum age required is 3 years, since at this age the boy or girl can take better advantage of their class.
  • Can I pay for single class?
    No, payment per single class is not allowed, since we seek to encourage discipline and perseverance in all our students.
  • Are there morning ballet classes?
    At the moment the morning ballet classes are exclusively for our IDAC Incubator students.
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